Monday, October 5, 2009

Lady Wildcats defeat Advance at HOME

The JV Lady Wildcats defeated the Lady Hornets in 3 sets. The girls just couldn't find their groove, but was still able to pull off the win. The score for the 3 sets were 19-25, 25-22, and 26-24. Courtney Delay lead the team with 12 kills, Robyn Chism had 4 kills, and Ashley Overstreet had 3 kills. Tiffany Case had 10 assist for the game, and Robyn Chism had 6 assist for the game. Courtney Delay had 2 blocks for the night. Courtney Delay and Ashley Overstreet had 3 digs for the night. Robyn Chism had 2 digs for the night. Jessica Carlson and Ashley Overstreet had 3 aces for the game. Robyn Chism and Courtney Delay had 1 ace each. This brings their record to 15-4-2 and SCAA record to 4-1.

The Varsity Lady Wildcats also bring home a victory against Advance. Varsity lost to them earlier in the year at the SEMO tournament, they were determined to come out and play hard. They defeated the Hornets in 2 sets 25-17 and 25-22. Lindsay Hutchison lead the team with 8 kills, while Taylor Parker finished strong with 7 kills. Megan Pulley had 5 kills, Erica Wyatt had 3 kills, Lindsay Levitt had 2 kills, Taylor Pulley and Che' Holford had 1 kill each. Taylor Pulley finished with 23 assist for the game. Taylor Parker finished the match with 2 blocks. Taylor Pulley and Erica Wyatt had 1 block each. Taylor Fuwell and Che' Holford finished the game strong with 12 digs each. Lindsay Hutchison had 7 digs for the night. Megan Pulley, Lindsay Levitt and Tylla McNeil had 1 dig each. Taylor Fuwell, Che' Holford, Lindsay Hutchison, and Lindsay Levitt had 1 ace each for the night. This brings their record to 16-5 and SCAA record to 4-1.

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